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Searching for the best IB school in Bangalore,which is residential, day school and co-education ? Then you have reached the right destination.
Warm greetings from Christ Junior College - Residential. Christ family heralds qualitative change in the existing educational scenario. In this new initiative, education is not seen as a catalyst for earning a living but to find symmetry with the universe by laying greater emphasis on refining hand, heart and head to make this world a better place to live in


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Skills and Achievements

Believing that ' Tastes and talents differ ' the college recognizes the capacities, capabilities and potentials of students in curricular and co-curricular activities.

The college holds the ' Talents' Day ' event for the freshers within a months' time of their arrival in college. Throughout the year the college holds curricular, co-curricular and sports and games' competitions. The winners are felicitated on a special day named as ' Proficiency Award Day'. Proficiency awards for Subject Toppers, Stream Toppers, Best Library User award, Best Dormitory award, Best Sports Person, Best Outgoing Student and Best House are only a few of the awards received by our students on the day reserved for the same as well as on Annual Day.

Our students are a class of their own. This is proven time and again when they showcase their talents and achievements.

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