Principal's message

International Baccalaureate is acknowledged as one of the best curricula in the world of education. Christ management has adopted this curriculum to cater to the diverse needs of the new gen scholars specially those who would wish to take up the challenging international standards of education. This is also a passport to the continuum of education abroad.

I look retrospectively at the vision and progression of Christ educational institutions. The milestones which Christ Educational Society covered in the odyssey of many years were the result of humble steps made remarkable and momentous through sheer determination and dedication. All through these years, a half century at that, this educational establishment served the society at large and specifically the neighbourhood communities of the respective Christ institutions. The academic ventures and the social involvement and commitment of the faculty, staff and students have helped rewriting the educational map of the geographical area and beyond, wherever it centered the activities.

The Arts and Science College was the firstborn in the family to be followed by the schools, various faculties at the level of university education like Management, Business Studies, Law, Education, and Engineering followed, in the metamorphosis of the College into Christ University. The growth curve is notable as it forms the roadmap for a discerning scholar to go full cycle of education from Pre-K to PhD under the same institutional roof. The diverse choices made available over the years are rather meticulously planned than isolated spurts and hence are sure steps to change with the times and marching with the progress of the city of Bengaluru. Christ Educational Society willfully commits itself to provide much-needed exposure to overseas education through Twinning Programme, Student Exchanges, and short term academic visits abroad, entering into agreements with many universities and schools across the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and Africa. A natural corollary to these developments is the establishment of Christ Junior College - Residential and the IB Programme on a sprawling campus for the discerning youth to harness their talents in an exclusive ambience. With the IB curriculum, the students get a wider choice and an opportunity to become world class. International Baccalaureate (IB) is offered as a choice for the students and it fills the gap of the need for an international syllabus at higher secondary education. The faculty has been trained for it in India and abroad and the infrastructure is as per IB regulations. Indeed, it is a major leap for the Christ Institutions into the future, in fulfilling its vision of Excellence and Service.

Fr. Jiby Jose E CMI

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