Acceleration Programmes

We believe in accompaniment by teachers in every student - activity as a prerequisite, for every student to achieve his full potential. We provide challenges to those who learn fast to make them progress faster. Time monitoring system, study skills and motivation modules allow the students to progress at their own
pace in specific subjects. The enrichment programmes undertaken in the college is to help realize the potential of the students and to provide critical foundation for competitive examinations. Intensive and comprehensive coaching for JEE , SAT and other entrance tests is taken up in the college. Conduct of and guidance for Olympiad initiated by the Human Resource Development Ministry is also the highlight of the programme. Students are given the opportunity to interact and listen to leading professionals, educationists and scientists. Debates, discussions, exercises in reading and writing which underpin the new range of programmes are designed in such a way that it enhances students' capacities to pursue new lines of enquiry in their engagement with real life- issues. Driven by the spirit of the golden rule of healthy living 'SHARE THE JOY' students are expected to celebrate their birthdays and other important days with everyone in the campus.

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