CJC-R Policies

Guest and Visitors Policy

Visitors are allowed between 4.30 pm-6.00 pm at the campus on Saturdays and Sundays. The parents should inform the college authority through email or written communication about the guest's visit to campus at least five days in advance. Oral communication is not accepted for safety reasons. All persons visiting students residing on the Campus must properly sign in with the security officer at the main gate and must adhere to the procedures and policies of the college. All visitors are to report directly to the office. Visitors are welcome as long as they conduct themselves properly as guests and follow all rules and regulations pertaining to students at the college campus. The host must accompany the visitor at all times.
Accommodation of guests in the campus is not permitted.

Residential Restrictions

No unauthorized furniture allowed in the residence. Tampering with or obscene writing on devices and furnishing, such as window screens, locks, door closing devices, etc or removal of any such devices or furnishings from the campus premises are not entertained. Involvement in trespassing of another individual into the residential area. This includes fraudulent attempts (misrepresentation, using false identification, etc.) to enter or to allow another individual toenter any part of the College Residence Area. Engaging in, or threatening to engage in, any behaviour that endangers the health, security or safety of a person or oneself.

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