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The college furnishes a wide range of globally competent facilities and services to render its resident-students -year stay on campus memorable. While the facilities are meant to ensure of various activities on campus, it is only through the concerted efforts of the staff and the students that this ideal is realized and sustained. So, accompanying the services is a set of regulations that define the mode of campus life of the resident students. Christ Residential identifies and supports the major areas of campus life: Intellectual, Physical and Moral growth.

Study Hall

To support the students in their learning activities, the college provides specially equipped study halls. The study halls are located on the first floor of the premises and is open as per the scheduled timings. Students are both individually and collectively responsible for switching off the lights and fans when not in use. Silence must be maintained in the study hall to avoid disturbance to others.

Well Furnished Library

The college maintains a growing library with books and journals for reference as well as erudition in the respective fields of interest.

Computer / Audio-Visual Lab

The computer lab is equipped with the best-configured systems and Internet connection so that the students may update themselves on the latest developments in specific areas of their interest. Recent studies have shown that visual aids help to improve learning, up to 400 percent. In the light of such overwhelming evidence, we have equipped labs with multimedia modules. An Audio-Visual room is available for presentations.

Sports and Exercise

We believe that an educational institution should act in the capacity of both an intellectual as well as a physical gymnasium. The college provides excellent facilities for indulging in sports and maintaining high physical fitness levels. Within the 70 acres, you will find ideal training grounds for a wide range of outdoor sporting activities. A Fitness Gym and an Aerobic / Recreation room afford the students and the staff, a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercises in the morning and specially instituted Yoga classes aim at marshaling the students' mental energies and enhancing their powers of concentration. The College has made provisions for both outdoor sports like Basketball, Football, Tennis, Cricket, and Track and Field events as well as indoor sports like Shuttle/Badminton, Table tennis, Chess, etc.



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