Christ Junior College - Residential aims to nurture young minds through holistic development, to widen the global perspective, inter cultural understanding and critical thinking by exposing them to a global education system to instil compassion, love and tolerance towards all fellow beings for the creation of a peaceful world, to enable them to respect and appreciate diverse perspectives, to display equanimity and be principled, to develop the natural curiosity and inquiry latent in each person, making them open minded, reflective and lifelong learners capable of solving the problems with confidence and approach them as opportunities for growth.

Christ Junior College - Residential envisions 'excellence and service' through education. We believe that excellence is achieved only through untiring efforts to better oneself constantly. Meaning and significance are achieved only through the fulfillment of one's social commitment. We are committed to shaping future
leaders through every endeavour. We hope that every student who is committed to excellence in its many forms will explore the opportunities offered here and develop his talents to the fullest for the greater service of humanity.

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