The college is a shared environment which includes community, parents and teachers working together to enhance the experiences and education of the children in the college. Research has shown that students perform at a higher level if their parents are involved in their education. This includes sharing their learning through discussion and assignments, participating in college events and being involved in the day to day programme of the college. Parents are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge and experiences with the students of the college. This can be through regular college support or by attendance on college events and trips. Parent volunteers can give support to the college by assisting in the classroom, developing resources or working in specific areas such as library. The college will provide appropriate training if required. Parents will talk about the Code of Academic Honesty with the learner to have a perfect understanding of this value. They will motivate their ward to have a high regard towards honesty and personal responsibility. They also support faculty and administration in making compulsory, the code of Academic Honesty.

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