Proposed IB Assessment System: Internal and External

In Christ Junior College - Residential, we believe that there must be a balance between Formative and Summative Assessment which must be mostly for learning and not of learning. To this end, CJC-R has adopted a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system where the students are monitored continuously and assessments not only include the scholastic areas but also the co scholastic areas so that the whole personality traits are assessed in line with the CJCR Mission and IB Mission. This assessment system is adopted from the model developed by The Central Board of Education in India for CBSE schools.

Objectives for Assessment in Christ Junior College -Residential

  • Test the overall achievement of students during the course period.
  • Give effective feedback to students, parents and management.
  • Give effective feedback to check the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process in the classrooms.
  • Reflect on the international/inter-cultural dimensions of the programme.
  • Know the satisfactory knowledge of the students.
  • Encourage students to achieve their best.
  • Bring accountability in the entire teaching and learning process.
  • Identify the strength and weakness of students.
  • Give effective feedback to students to modify their strategies.
  • Evaluate how far the learner profile attributes are incorporated into the teaching and learning process.

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