Core Values

Christ Junior College-Residential is founded on the solid foundation of five core values that form the character of the institution and are mentioned here in the order of importance given to them. The backbone of personal growth is a positive and an all-embracing value system.

  • Faith in God
  • Moral uprightness.
  • Love of fellow beings
  • Social responsibility
  • Pursuit of excellence

Christ Junior College - Residential identifies intellectual competence, personal growth and spiritual enlightenment as the drivers of holistic development. We aid the realization of the same by emphasizing rigour in the pursuit of academic brilliance and goals. The ambience provided is naturally conducive to the development of personal growth. A vibrant student body and a diverse teaching fraternity make an ideal setting for evolving interpersonal and societal skills. Christ Residential treats character formation, esteem building, and spiritual development as integral to personal growth and lays due emphasis on sharpening the same. At Christ Residential, spirit of teamwork, empathy, and commitment to society gain significance in conveying to the students, an impression of the surrounding world. The institution is founded on its commitment to the celebration of India's diverse cultural heritage, the wealth of human heritage, and is dedicated to nurturing the same among its students.

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