Community Standards Violations

  • Denial of, or unreasonable interference with the rights of others.
  • Abuse or harassment of another individual by any means and for whatever reason. Ragging is a criminal offence punishable under penal code.
  • Theft or unauthorized use or possession of personal or residential property or services.
  • Vandalism or damage to personal or college property.
  • Disorderly, loud, disruptive, or aggressive behaviour that interferes with the general comfort, safety, security, health or welfare of the residence hall community or with the regular operation of the college.
  • Failing to maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene or room cleanliness, to the extent that such failure interferes with the general comforts, safety, security, health or welfare of other room residents.
  • Performing unauthorized solicitations, recruitment of members for subscriptions, polling, posting, canvassing or commercial selling of products, services, or tickets inside the residence rooms.
  • The bringing in and/or the drinking of alcoholic beverages of any type inside the residential halls. Violations of this regulation will be automatically transferred to the College Disciplinary Committee.
  • Conducting business for profit from any location or room inside the residence hall.
  • Exhibiting or affixing any unauthorised sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering, flags or banners, inscribed or painted, to any part in or outside of the building.

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