Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance problems are the exclusive concern of the residents. Those seeking repair assistance must fill out a Service Request Form available at the Front Desk. Service requests should be submitted at the first sign of a problem. Under no circumstances should the residents attempt to carry out repairs on their own. They are urged to wait for the arrival of qualified repair personnel. Charges for repairs that arise from negligence or irresponsible actions of the resident(s) will be fully borne by the particular resident(s). The term Emergency Repair applies to all major leaks and flooding problems, inoperative door-locks or any other problem that endangers property or safety. In case of an emergency, contact immediately the Front Desk or any resident staff member/warden.
The residents are advised not to carry personal property more than what you are able to keep within your room. The college will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property as a result of theft, fire, breakage, vermin or any such cause, including, but not limited to, the loss or damage due to negligence of its employees, agents or representatives.

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