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The college is a shared environment which includes community, parents and teachers working together to enhance the experiences and education of the children in the college. Research has shown that students perform at a higher level if their parents are involved in their education. This includes sharing their learning through discussion and assignments, participating in college events and being involved in the day to day of the college. Parents are encouraged to share their skills, knowledge and experiences with the students of the college. This can be through regular college support or by attendance on college events and trips. Parent volunteers can give support to the college by assisting in the classroom, developing resources or working in specific areas such as The college will provide appropriate training if required.

Parents will talk about the Code of Academic Honesty with the learner to have a perfect understanding of this value. They will motivate their ward to have a high regard towards honesty and personal responsibility. They also support faculty and administration in making compulsory, the code of Academic Honesty.


CJC-R Policies ( Non – academic)

Guest and Visitors Policy

Daytime Guests

Visitors are allowed between 4.30 pm-6.00 pm at the campus on Saturdays and Sundays. The parents should inform the college authority through email or written communication about the guest's visit to campus at least five days in advance. Oral communication is not accepted reasons. All persons visiting students residing on the Campus must properly sign in with the security officer at the main gate and must adhere to the procedures and policies of the college. All visitors are to report directly to the office. Visitors are welcome as long as they conduct themselves properly as guests and follow all rules and regulations pertaining to students at the college campus. The host must accompany the visitor at all times.
Accommodation of guests the campus is not permitted.


Residents should be aware that any act of violation or possession of objects that endanger the health and safety of the community will be dealt with seriously and such objects can be confiscated and the residents involved will also be subjected to disciplinary actions that may lead to expulsion from the college. Also items like mobile phone, camera, any electronic gadgets and students are not supposed to carry or possess during here, can be confiscated.


Health and Safety Violations

Tampering with any equipment related to safety inside the campus.

Throwing of nuisance causing objects or substances directed from, into, or onto the college window, the doors, or any other such areas.

Bringing sprays (such as mace) or weapons (such as knives, firearms ammunition, etc.) into the campus.

Illegal possession of inflammable decorations or appliances or any other items
a fire hazard.

Possession, usage or distribution of illegal or controlled drug substances and/or

Possession, usage or distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Using unauthorized furniture.

Tampering with or obscene writing on devices and furnishing, such as
 , locks, door closing or removal of any such devices or
  campus premises.

Involvement in trespassing of another individual the residential area. This
(misrepresentation, using false identification, etc.) to
allow another individual any part of the College Residence Area.

Engaging in, or threatening to engage in, any that endangers the health, security or safety of a person or oneself.

Guest Policy Violations

·        Having a guest at the residential area without permission.

·        Having a guest at the residential area without permission.

Administrative Violations

·        Moving to another room without authorization.

·        Occupying Residence space assigned to another resident.

·        Subletting a residence room.

·        Failing to abide by or to fulfil the terms of a sanction as issued by the Residence Warden.

·        Failing to properly complete the check in/out procedures

·        Unauthorized possession or use of a key to or to premises owned and/or operated by the college.

·        Unauthorized painting, construction, or modification in a Residence or in a common area.

·        Failing to comply with the lawful request of an administrative representative of the college, including, but not limited to, members of the Office.

Community Standards Violations

·        Denial of, or unreasonable interference with the rights of others.

·        Abuse or harassment of another individual by any means and for whatever reason. Ragging is a criminal punishable under

·        Theft or unauthorized use or possession of personal or residential property or services.

·        Vandalism or damage to personal or college property.

·        Disorderly, loud, disruptive, or aggressive that interferes with the general comfort, safety, security, health or welfare of the residence hall community or with the regular operation of the college.

·        Failing to maintain acceptable standards of personal hygiene or room cleanliness, to the extent that such failure interferes with the general comforts, safety, security, health or welfare of other room residents.

·        Performing unauthorized solicitations, recruitment of members for subscriptions, polling, posting, canvassing or commercial selling of products, services, or tickets inside the residence rooms.

·        The bringing in and/or the drinking of alcoholic beverages of any type inside the residential halls. Violations of this regulation will be automatically transferred to the College Disciplinary Committee.

·        Conducting business for profit from any location or room inside the residence hall.

Exhibiting or affixing any sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering, flags or banners, inscribed or painted, to any part in or outside of the building.




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