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French B Ab Initio


Language B

FRENCH Ab initio /  SL

French B is taught at Standard Level (SL) and as Ab initio. These language acquisition courses are for students with some previous experience of learning the language who have little or no experience of learning French, respectively. While studying the language, students also explore the culture(s) connected with it.

The course content is designed to be challenging, engaging and gives a positive educational experience for each student.

The French ab initio course aims to develop receptive, productive and interactive skills to a high level of communicative competence. Our course content provides a solid grammar and vocabulary framework.

Taking French ab initio will enable students to:

  • Develop their receptive, productive and interactive skills
  • Learn with students and teachers from around the world
  • Function successfully in a French-speaking environment
  • Develop an appreciation of the cultural riches of French-speaking communities
  • Greatly expand their possibilities for work, entertainment and travel.


Curricular Objectives

Develop students' intercultural understanding

Enable students to understand and use the language they have studied in a range of contexts and for a variety of purposes 

Encourage , through the study of texts and through social interaction, an awareness and appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures

Develop students' awareness of the role of language in relation to other areas of knowledge

Develop students' awareness of the relationship between the languages and cultures with which they arefamiliar

Provide students with a basis for further study, work and leisure through them use of an additional language

Provide the opportunity for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation through knowledge of an additional language.


Learning Outcome

Be able to understand the main elements of grammar necessary to communicate efficiently in French.

Be able to communicate effectively in authentic French, both orally and in writing.

                 Be able to adapt the language correctly to the general and social character of their communication.

Be able to evaluate the cultural character of individual, social, and

intercultural ideals.

Be able to understand insightfully how French culture has influenced other


                Be able to understand and use an appropriate range of vocabulary.



Teaching the language ab initio course should be supported in ways that arenconsistent with the IB learner profile and the pedagogical principles that underpinnthe IB programmes: the promotion of critical- and creative-thinking skills, and learning how to learn. In order to achieve the desired result, various activities like role-play, discussions, debates, writing activities, news reading, oral presentations, dumb charade, picture descriptions, etc will be conducted.

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