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For the students at Christ Junior College - Residential, education does not conclude at class XII level. A vast majority opt for higher education, thus rendering college an essential process that prepares them for learning challenges beyond the class XII level. The given curriculum and the learning processes therefore, are designed and structured to help students become lifelong learners. The design of the college is based on the belief that the ultimate responsibility of ours is to prepare students for higher as they would, by the time they leave the portals of Christ Junior College and to possess the right attitudes and necessary skills to excel in the competitive environs of higher learning.


While the classroom continues to hold forth on text-based education, and other allied associations merely represent spatial extensions of the classroom, the students are left with fewer spaces where they can explore and articulate their interests and concerns. In an attempt to correct such a partial development, Christ Junior College -Residential has introduced a whole new range of that seek to build students' capacities to pursue new lines of inquiry in their engagement with real life issues. Debates, Group discussions, Presentations, Projects, Science fair, developing concepts, meditation leading to contemplation, exercises in reading and writing, enhance their all-round development, and are designed to broaden their areas of interest


The Following Associations / Clubs are introduced to provide the students with a forum to relate their ideas and concepts to real life and make learning experience based.

RATIONALE - Science Forum

This forum is instrumental in triggering the rational and scientific temperament of the student. The objective of Rationale is achieved through seminars, training debates and discussions followed by a visit to a botanical garden, museum, industry, etc.

PARISARA - Eco club

This is an effective organization for enlightening the students on various topical issues like pollution, Greenhouse effect, deforestation, etc. Apart from generating awareness, the club is also actively involved in planting saplings during Vanamahotsava, organizing trekking for students to appreciate nature at its best, conducting seminars, collaborating with various Governmental and non- governmental involved in protecting the ecosystem, etc. implements waste management like segregation of wastes as biodegradable and non biodegradable. The primary focus of the club is to inculcate consciousness and to help grow into eco-friendly citizens, with the motto 'Green for all and all for green'.



The Commerce Association is founded with a view to provide ample opportunities to commerce students for better interaction with practitioners and for development of various skills, thereby equipping them to face the challenges of B-schools. The association recognizes the contribution of each student in the successful implementation of its objectives. The representatives of various classes under the guidance of a staff coordinator, undertake of the association. The Commerce wall magazine highlights the association's activities and achievements. The association features educational trips, usually within the city limits, which allow students to go beyond the curriculum and develop practical knowledge.



It seeks to provide students with explicit guidance, through discussions, examples and exercises in reading well and using it in their writing. Through its varied activities, the club also aims at equipping the students with the method of writing on new topics on their own and stimulating them to write. The club aims to provide an arena for enhancing the students' skills in dramatics, debating, oratory, poster making, collage and in all other skills of fine arts.




The college has an international student exchange in place. The inculcates open and encourages understanding.



The life and activities in Christ PU College- Residential is dedicated to Jesus Christ, the Divine Master and all draw strength from His eternal reservoir. We believe that our effort will be fruitful only if it is anchored in the Divine. Our students are guided to lead a life based on Faith in God, the apex of our core values. Daily meditation and common prayer in our well furnished, artistically designed prayer hall and chapel help them to relate personally with the divine in tranquility, and thus interact with the fellow beings without any restraint.

Eucharistic services on Sundays and occasional prayer sessions help the students in faith and tradition.


The college maintains a growing library with books and academic journals for references as well as erudition in the respective fields of interest.


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