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The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course encourages students to think critically and analytically about the nature of knowledge, and to reflect on how we know what we claim to know. The course identifies eight Ways of Knowing (WOKs): reason, emotion, language, sense perception, intuition, imagination, faith and memory. Students explore these means of producing knowledge within the context of eight Areas of Knowledge (AOKs): the natural sciences, the social sciences, the arts, ethics, history, mathematics, religious knowledge systems and indigenous knowledge systems. The course also requires students to make comparisons between and connections across the various subjects they study as

part of their Diploma Programme, reflecting on how knowledge is arrived at, in them, and transferring the critical thinking process developed in TOK to their study. TOK's emphasis on different cultural perspectives and how different cultural traditions have contributed to our current constructions of knowledge provides opportunities for students to have conversations with others from different backgrounds and with different viewpoints, thereby challenging their own values.

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